Skateboards For Hope T-Shirts Now Available Online

It's T-Shirt season and what a better way to celebrate summer then by adding a Skateboards For Hope t-shirt to your swag collection. Purchase is easy. (Canada and US only). Click on this link:​ Thank you and we hope you have a great summer skateboarding!

Six Year Old Lily-Rose Becomes Youngest Skateboards For Hope Ambassador

Story by Julie Goudreau, Mother. Lily-Rose is 6 years old and lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She started skateboarding several months ago. Since the age of two, she asked for a skateboard but we thought it was a bit much! At the of age 5, we finally gave in and purchased her first skateboard. Ever since, she has been sleeping with Thrasher magazines and her collection of skateboards. Lily-Rose was a very shy little girl most of her life. She didn’t socialize well with other children and preferred to be alone. Lily-Rose had a traumatic experience when she was much younger that led her to not trust people. It all started to change when she took up skateboarding. Slowly, she gained confiden

Words of Hope for Attawapiskat Youth

Skateboards For Hope would like to share an idea that will make a young person's life better. We are sending care packages, cards and letters to the kids in Attawapiskat so that they know how much they matter to us and that we care about them. Suicide is the leading cause of death for First Nation's children living on isolated reserves. You can learn more about it on VICE.COM: Article about Attawapiskat Suicide Crisis Let's give hope the way we know how! Write to a young girl or boy: Youth in Attawapiskat, Payukotayno Administrative Office, 50 Bay Rd, PO Box 189D, Moosonee, Ontario. Canada If you or someone you know is depressed or thinking about suicide, please talk to someone or ask for he

Mohawk Skateboarder Featured on APTN News

Justin Darrow is the first Mohawk to ever compete in a World Cup skateboarding event. Although getting there took a lot of cuts and bruises. Darrow says these harsh lessons through concrete and gravity have real life applications. “You learn a lot of things about yourself, about perseverance how to deal with skating through pain, putting in hard work to succeed, even through countless failures, and it’s all worth it, even if you just land a trick once,” says Darrow. Now Darrow wants to encourage other Indigenous youth to take up the sport. (Justin is the Ambassador of First Nations, Skateboards For Hope) CLICK ON LINK TO SEE THE WHOLE STORY!

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