All Female Skate Feature Premieres

The 11th of January seemed like a regular Wednesday at Le Taz. I walked in escaping the dry, frigid weather gnawing at my face and hands only to be greeted by the comforting warmth of familiarity with the skate park. The sounds of tails popping and wheels clacking against the hard, slippery floor blended with the rock music playing in the skate shop. As usual, I presented myself at the desk and got myself tagged. "Have a good session," said the ticket booth worker. Of course! It was the premiere of the all female skate film: Quit Your Day Job. Once evening hit, people started assembling in the lounge area where a giant projector screen draped down over the gray brick wall. People were chilli

Brand Ambassador Joins SK84HOPE Team

Expect the latest stories about the skateboarding community every Thursday from Marivic Agustin, Skateboards For Hope Brand Ambassador. The new blog appropriately called THE BLUNT SIDE will give you perspective on skateboarding trends, people, communities and events in and around Montreal. Marivic is a street skateboarder who can be seen at Le TAZ on Wednesdays with Les Vagabonnes. You can see her adventures on instagram: MAERIVEK Marivic's determination is seen in this photo. She fell on her head doing a trick and was taken to the hospital by ambulance where she got glued up. She went back onto the streets the next day. Nothing can stop her from skateboarding. She's our BADASS Brand Ambass

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