High School Students Paint Decks For Youth Around The World

It was overcast and lightly raining that May 5th afternoon. I jogged from the bus stop towards the steps of Rosemount High School. It seemed like only yesterday when Betty and I had trekked through crisp powdery snow, but signs of Spring had erased every trace of that long winter. The front door was welcoming, students in uniform sat on the steps just chatting, and I was greeted by many hand made signs showing me the way to the gallery upstairs. The signs led me past another door, to a corridor filled with blue metal lockers, and then to another set of doors. Once I had pushed past the last set of doors, I was awestruck by the easels holding up paintings set up in a circular fashion. I had a

Betty Esperanza @CBCMontreal

THANK YOU @CBCMONTREAL "I am honoured to represent the face and voice of Canada and especially of Montreal. Thanks to #CBCMontreal for giving me this platform to share the work I do with Skateboards For Hope." Betty Esperanza, Founder. Being a small organization, it really takes a village to make a difference. About Skateboards For Hope: We recycle, reuse and revolutionize skateboards to youth fostering community, collaboration and trust, across the globe. Our mission is to empower youth through entrepreneurial projects, Skateboards For Hope wants to provide youth with an oasis of trust and freedom, to inspire them to become strong leaders in their community. Subscribe to our newsletter onl


Click on LINK: https://video.vice.com/en_ca/video/turning-skateboards-into-works-of-art-on-wheels-for-charity/585a94a4b4fc73552a064a98?latest=1 Every Deck has a Story.. Fresh Paint Gallery & Skateboards For Hope Presents: Fresh Hope! A Skate Deck Exhibition. 40 Artists. 40 Decks. One Great Cause. * December 8th - Janurary 15th 2017 Fresh Paint Gallery: 209 Saint Catherine East, Montreal, Quebec, 82X 1L2 Metro: St-Laurent or Berri. Free Entry. Artists Participating: Adida Fallen Angel, Andy Dass, Arnold, Axe, Beaf, Borrrris, Carolina Espinosa, Cgo, Chris Dyer, Emmanuel Laflamme, Eskro, Fléo, Fletcher, Flavour, Futur Lasor Now, Germdee, Gribouilliz, Haks 180, HeR, HoarKor, I Am Bat

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