Turning a New Leaf: FURN SUPPLY

Getting in touch with nature is a current theme that Skateboards For Hope explores and encourages. Playing outside and syncing with nature has so many health benefits whether it's in the middle of a forest or in an urban skatepark surrounded by shrubs and skinny palm trees. It's why partnering with FURN SUPPLY CO makes so much sense. Skateboards For Hope's Founder, Betty Esperanza stated they are proud to echo core values not only in skateboarding, sports or fashion but mostly holistic and organic ways that will inspire future generations to be more environmentally conscious. "Protecting Mother Earth is vital and you all know how much we are crazy about recycling here at Skateboards For Hope

queer / trans / non-binary friends / marginal skateboarders / unity

This month, Skateboards for Hope is proud to spotlight the Marginal Skateboarders group. Marginal Skateboarders is an inclusive skateboarding community where everyone’s uniqueness is recognized and celebrated. They accomplish this by focusing on what unites us ; our love and passion for skateboarding, independent of ethnicity, age, gender, queerness or orientation. Marginal Skateboarder’s two founding members, Paige Kramer Rochefort and Bil Gagné, generously shared their time and progressive views on skateboarding, for the Skateboards For Hope blog. Marginal Skateboarders is an all inclusive skate movement on Facebook and Instagram, whose mission is to encourage and support marginal issues w

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