The Olympic Dream

Hopefully, you watched the video* and got a sense of how the dream is real for Cuban skateboarders who have advanced the sport exponentially the past 5 years with the onset of tourists and Not For Profits bringing hundreds of skateboards and gear to the island. Skateboarding is slated for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and that's in less than 2 years. A lot has to be done for Cuba's athletes to be able to compete at an elite level. A developing country with little to no access to skateboards, no adequate skatepark, no formal skateboarding education and zero support by its government seems like an unfair hurdle to overcome. How reasonable is it to expect Cuban skaters to compete at top levels with t

Papillon Skateparks 26 hours Boat Ride

Working and building with your hands might be the most honourable metier. It not only serves its purpose but it instills pride and community. That is what Hugo Papillon has been doing with his company Papillon Skateparks. Building skateparks for skateboarders since 2014. While Hugo and his crew were on a shipping container boat heading out to the remote area of an Innu village called Pakua Shipi in Northern Quebec. The only way in was a 26 hour boat ride from Natashquan (where the road ends). Concrete, rebar, a huge truck and trailer with all the workers & tools had been shipped by boat. This is where the real adventure begins. We caught up with him on his journey while he was stationed in

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