The Truck Stops Here

Custom Steve Caballero 1 of 1 engraved Indy truck from a Japanese artist. Whenever you hear the word trucks from a skateboarder, the most obvious reaction to the average Joe is <Wha?!> Well, it’s the part that holds the wheels and deck and keeps you balanced. It’s not TONKA. It just happens that it’s also the part that is recycled the least depending on the level of experience of the skater. Most trucks can last 2-3 years if you are a beginner and haven’t mastered the grind or rails. Trucks come in all sizes too which can be confusing to a novice. Skateboards For Hope recycles all parts of the skateboard. 80% of donations are decks, 15% are wheels (with or without bearings) and maybe 5% are

'77 Montréal

Maintenant que l’été semble être installé pour de bon, il est temp d’en profiter pleinement ! 77 Montréal propose une sortie de génie pour toute la famille : les enfants de moins de 10 ans entrent gratuitement et la zone familiale du festival les fera capoter ! Une section avec des œuvres d’art & de l’artisanat, jeux gonflables, ainsi qu’une zone de relaxation et une zone d’allaitement et plus encore ! Plus d’excuses, obtenez vos tickets et venez profiter d’une expérience unique en assistant à l’un des meilleurs festivals de musique PUNK du monde ! 📷 📷 Et, si la chance vous sourit, prenez le temps de participer à notre concours ! Partagez notre post, identifiez un(e) ami(e) et assurez-vous

77 Montreal /Win 2 tickets

Summer is here to stay! Especially with festival season. Looking for something to do with the family? 77 Montreal is perfect for young families. Kids under 10 get in free and there is a kids zone, relaxation station, changing tables and nursing tent, plus so much more. So, no excuses, get your tickets and make it epic with guaranteed punk rock pride and the best music festival July 26th! Plus, if you are feeling lucky, join us for a quickie contest. SHARE our post, TAG a friend and make sure you add #evenko #77montreal and @skateboardsforhope We need to see your LOVE for 77! Read instructions at the end. TICKETS: 77 Montréal présenté par Coors Light sera de retour pour sa troisième édition l


Well, we have to tell you how excited we are about the NEW VANS PARK SERIES permanently sculpted into the iconic Olympic Stadium in Montreal. We had no idea we would get so emotional but here it is to stay for the future of skateboarding and we want to brag about it very loudly. Photos courtesy of Betty Esperanza @2019 READ THIS ON VANS PARK SERIES WEBSITE Montréal, CANADA (July 12, 2019) – Today in Montréal at the third stop of the Vans Park Series Pro Tour, the local community gathered to witness the brand new, never-been-skated park terrain course. Tristan Rennie excited the crowd with some of his best skating on this year’s tour, with his usual consistency and use of the entire course, w

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