Don’t wait any longer. Get involved, change a child’s life and be your own hero.


For monetary donations, upon clicking the button below you will be redirected to a page where you can use Paypal to donate.


Once you have sent or given us your equipment, it is distributed to the various ambassadors in each country where the program enables young skaters to borrow or own the boards. 


Upon donating your board, it will be directly sent to a child in one of the countries that we support. Skateboards’ highly encourages that you see the progress and difference you’ve made in a child’s life, so we will arrange for you and the child to meet throughout pictures and online.


We also accept any other used gear such as pads, helmets, bearings, trucks, wheels and anything you think a child would need to skate.


Monetary funds also go towards equipment. However, they may fund cameras so that the communities can document their progress and skateboard stories to share with us and the donors throughout the world. Money will also be used to help finance the transportation of the boards to the countries. (We are a Not For Profit.)

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